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What is a Chiropractor?

A Chiropractor is a physician who is a specialist of the spine and nervous system.  As chiropractors we use what is called an adjustment of the spine, or spinal manipulation as a form of treatment.  We use our hands to apply a gentle force to the bones of the back to adjust or realign your spine in order to restore normal function and range of motion. Many times when there is an injury or stress, the bones of the back (vertebrae) can move out of alignment.  When this occurs it may cause pressure or irritation to the nerves that exit between the vertebrae, which many people simply refer to as a pinched nerve.  It will also involve all of the soft tissue surrounding that joint (muscles, ligaments).  When this occurs, it needs to be realigned or adjusted to restore proper function.  It is gentle and usually feels quite good.

Once I Begin Chiropractic Care Will I Have to Continue?

No, of course not.  Once a vertebra has misaligned and it is adjusted back into place it takes some time for the muscles and ligaments to regain their tonicity and strength to hold the vertebrae in place.  For example, if you played football in college and caused some of the vertebrae in your back to become misaligned it is going to take longer to heal and re-train the surrounding musculature, ligaments, joint capsules and other soft tissue than if you played football the day before and hurt yourself.  Basically, the longer your vertebrae have been out of place, the longer you will be under Chiropractic care.  Many people (including myself) prefer to have their spines checked on a regular basis to maintain a healthy skeletal and nervous system.  After all you only get one spine.  But ultimately the choice is yours.  You can choose to get treated only when you are in pain (relief care), or you can have you spine monitored to prevent pain and degenerative changes (wellness or maintenance care).

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